All of our pops are:

  • Made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients when possible.
  • Made in small batches to ensure great flavor.
  • Made with organic ingredients when possible.
  • Sweetened with unrefined, organic cane sugar or honey.
  • Gluten-free.
  • Completely natural, we don’t use anything artificial, ever!

Our menu is made of four different kinds of pops:


Our fruity pops are made from fresh fruit, are non-dairy, and vegan friendly. (Our fruity pops typically average 107 calories.)


Our creamy pops are primarily dairy based and have an ice cream-like smoothness to their texture. We do offer delicious, non-dairy, options on our creamy menu. (Our creamy pops typically average around 280 calories.)


Our paleo pops are made will all-natural ingredients and sweetened only with honey. (Our fruity paleo pops are low in calories averaging around 100 calories and our creamy paleo pops average around 225 calories.)


Our cookie pops are dairy-based and have a house-made, gluten-free cookie inside. (Our cookie pops typically average around 306 calories.)

Because we only use fresh ingredients, we rotate our flavors seasonally, highlighting the seasonal produce each region has to offer. For ingredient and nutrition information, visit the Menu section on your location page and click on the Details link under the flavor of your choice.