Spring Menu is Arriving in March!

Feb 23, 2021 | Our Pops

Spring has sprung and we are gearing up for a delicious Spring/Summer at Steel City Pops! Our Director of Production and team have worked so hard on our 2021 menu and we are so excited for our customers to enjoy it!

Our 2021 is categorized by “Favorites”, “Seasonal”, “Small-Batch”, and “Territory Specific”.

“Favorites” are our tried-and-true flavors. They can be found all year round and are everyone’s most loved flavors. “Seasonal” menu rotates every 2-3 months based off of seasonality of fruits and holidays. “Small-Batch” is now a monthly flavor! It was such a hit every Saturday, that we decided to offer this flavor throughout the month! “Territory Specific” are flavors that are specific to each state.

The flavors that are being added to our Seasonal menu for March are Raspberry Lime, Blackberry, Orange Cream, Strawberry Cream, and Peanut Butter. Raspberry Lime is like a fruit sorbet on a stick. It’s sweet, tart, and refreshing. Blackberry is made by taking whole blackberries and blending them up with lemon juice, water, and all natural sugar. The perfect fruity flavor for spring. Our orange cream is a dreamy mix of fresh orange juice, cream, and all natural sugar. It’s fresh and sweet. Strawberry Cream tastes like strawberry shortcake or classic strawberry ice cream. Peanut Butter tastes like peanut butter ice cream, and the pops are made with all-natural chunky and creamy peanut butter.

Our Small-Batch for March is Birthday Cake! Our beloved vanilla bean pop poured over pieces of frosted birthday cake and topped with sprinkles. BYOC (bring your own candle! :wink: ). Our birthday is in March and we want you all to celebrate with us!

Make sure you follow us on social media @steelcitypops to keep up with our latest flavor drops!

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