Roll into Tuscaloosa for the Best Treat in T-Town!

Sep 26, 2016 | Stores

Surrounded by 5 major bodies of water, named after Muskogean Chief Tuskaloosa (which means “Black Warrior”), and home to the University of Alabama (Roll Tide!) our Tuscaloosa store is located in the heart of Alabama.  We asked our team in Tuscaloosa to share a little about their store and why they love serving pops in T-Town.

SCP:  What makes the Tuscaloosa community so great?

Hunter Snell, SCP Team Member:  “The community and the customers at SCP Tuscaloosa are special. Tuscaloosa is a college town and that makes every interaction familial. It truly feels like a family to work at SCP and to serve all of our customers. It is a true joy to know your customers and to be able to serve them week in and week out.”

Jaylyn Napier, SCP Team Member: The community that often visits our store is a very diverse community. With the university minutes from our store we get students from the farthest north, to the west, and even foreign exchange students. There are always a wide range of customers to speak with.

SCP:  Where are you located and what makes your store unique?

Photo Cred: AL.comSavannah Stewart, SCP Team Member: The Tuscaloosa store is on University Boulevard and it’s just a few minutes from UA’s campus. It’s the only place in the campus’ immediate area where you can get a cold treat!

Janie DiNatale, SCP Team Member:  Our store is in the middle of Downtown Tuscaloosa. It’s about a 6 minute drive from the campus and it attracts many students during the school year as well as families alike! It is a family & student-friendly store with a lot of great people.

SCP:  What do you enjoy most about your job?

Will Shingleton, SCP Team Member: “I enjoy telling people about how we make the pops.  I started at SCP as a packer in the Homewood location, and that’s really what separates us. Every single pop is made by hand, and that is what makes our pops different (and better) than anyone else.”

Janie:  “Being from out of state, I love being able to meet more of the Tuscaloosa community while working. It’s been awesome to connect more with people outside of the University of Alabama campus.”

Savannah: “I love being able to promote and sell a product that I know is made with the highest quality ingredients and has the best flavors.”

SCP: What would you say to someone who has never visited the store and tried a pop?

Jaylyn:  “I would tell them that we have such a variety of choices that anyone could find something that they would love. We serve high quality ingredients to provide our customers with fresh and healthy popsicle options and that is a win-win. Dessert that tastes amazing and has fresh ingredient.

Hunter: “I never tried a Steel City Pop before working at Steel City and I had no idea what I was missing. The pops are truly gourmet and they are unlike anything else I’ve ever tried. It is an indescribably wonderful experience.”

SCP: What are your favorite pop flavors?

Jaylyn:  “My favorite flavor is vanilla bean. I have always been a huge fan of vanilla ice-cream, but this pop changes the game. It’s delicious, and by far my favorite flavor.”

Erin Grubb, SCP Team Member:  “Coconut is my favorite. It’s creamy and smooth, but has the added toasted coconut at the end. It’s absolutely delicious.”

Hunter: “My favorite flavor changes from week to week because I like them all. I don’t just say that because I work at Steel City. All of the pops are wonderful in their own way and worth the experience of tasting and trying. We have a special team that makes our pops and I’m so thankful for their giftedness. It truly is a joy to experience a Steel City Pop.”

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