When my wife and I started dreaming about Steel City Pops, we knew we wanted customers to enjoy great food, but also be a part of doing good in our community and around the world. Through partnering with locally and globally minded charities, we have seen great things accomplished through efforts we and our customers have supported.



NeverThirst is a nonprofit organization with a mission to make clean, potable water accessible in third world and underdeveloped nations. Since its inception in 2008, NeverThirst has provided over 100,000 people with clean water needed to live healthier lives.

Visit them online at www.neverthirstwater.org.


As a way to invest in NeverThirst’s mission, Steel City Pops bottles and sells Provid water, donating 100% of the profits to NeverThirst. Through this approach, we’ve been able to fund the installation of numerous wells in India and Uganda.


Triumph Services

In cities where our stores are located, we partner with nonprofit organizations to provide jobs for people with disabilities. Through Triumph and other such organizations, we see the value in helping others gain independence and confidence by giving them a workplace community to be a part of.

Visit them online at www.triumphservices.org.

The star decorations featured in our stores during Christmas were all hand made by our friends at the Exceptional Foundation, an organization where individuals with special needs can enjoy social and recreational activities.

Visit them online at www.exceptionalfoundation.org.